Financial and Management Advisory Service

Our mission is to provide Financial Advisory services to Governmental Agencies, Corporate clients and non-profit organizations that will assist these entities in meeting their financial goals related to efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

We can provide technical assistance with the review, design and testing of financial and business internal controls, key activities and key systems. We can identify deficiencies and assist in implementation of systems and procedures to mitigate deficiencies and assist with project and program management.

Our goal is to assist you in building corporate value, align your business processes to changes in the new economy and improve shareholder and organizational value through:

Integrated Performance Based Solutions:

  • Performance management improvement by utilizing a balanced business scorecard of key performance indicators and value based management
  • Compliance reviews
  • Study and analysis of operations
  • Financial modeling, planning and budgeting Management reporting
  • Redesign of finance functions
  • Risk Assessment Evaluations
  • Compliance Audits